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A Seasonal Program of Exhibitions

The original Vasse Felix winery has been preserved as an Art Gallery and here, a seasonal program of exhibitions from the celebrated Holmes à Court Collection is shown. The gallery experience extends to the Vasse Felix grounds where gardens of local flora have been embellished with a sculpture walk comprising works by local artists. The annual Vasse Felix arts calendar features a variety of performance events that draw enthusiasts back to this historic space at every opportunity.

The Holmes à Court Collection

The Holmes à Court Collection started in the early 1960s and grew from the Family’s interest in Australian and Indigenous art. It has steadily developed into an internationally renowned collection that documents many pieces of Australian cultural significance and consists of more than 4,000 registered artworks. Click here to read more about the Holmes à Court Collection.


The Border Crossers - Clyde McGill

10 June - 7 October 2018

What are the borderlands? Who determines them and why? Who may cross? Who may not? Who does deliberately cross the borders? Where are they from? Why are they leaving? What are their hopes? What is their journey? What do they bring with them? Are they welcomed or turned back? Do they just disappear? Who cares? Who doesn’t?

In 2007 Clyde McGill began looking at borderlands as they relate to people who come by boat. He focussed first on the fate of a young Indonesian fisherman who tragically died on a boat detained in Darwin Harbour. This exhibition contains his story within a much broader narrative of the refugee who comes by boat. Clyde will be in residence on the studio floor in the gallery from 1 July - 22 July.

Image: Clyde McGill The Border Crosser (Except), 2011, mixed media on unstretched linen, 220 x 320 cm


Removing the Traces

11 February - 3 June 2018

Aspects of abstraction from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection.

This exhibition presents intriguing aspects of south-west landscape from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection. The works demonstrate varying degrees and methods of abstraction e.g. ultra-simplification, gestural and expressive brushwork, flattening of the picture surface and saturated colour, whilst maintaining the formal principles of line, form, shape, value, movement and composition. The real subjects recede and the aesthetics become the dominant factors. The purpose of this exhibition is to share some significant and captivating abstract works from the collection, works representing the essence of land, forest and water alongside demonstrations of longstanding Aboriginal presence.

Image: Howard Taylor Landscape Emblem, 1984, oil on panel, 102 x144 cm. Copyright Howard H. Taylor Estate represnted by Galerie Dusseldorf. 


Scratching the Surface Down South

8 October 2017 - 28 January 2018

Scratching the Surface Down South brings two thirds of the works currently showing at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at UWA to the Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix for the enjoyment of Margaret River locals and visitors to the area.

The works trace how one of the most acclaimed private collections of Australian art was built – from 1968 when Janet and Robert Holmes à Court purchased their first works from the Darlington Arts & Crafts Gallery in the Perth Hills, until today.

Available also will be MUSE: A Journey through an Art Collection, written by Janet Holmes à Court and published by UWA Publishing.

The book and exhibition are tangible expressions of Janet Holmes à Court’s extensive passion for the arts. Of the 143 works in the book there will be approximately 50 in the exhibition, an even smaller scratch on the surface of the collection than that in the exhibition at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. Enough still to provide a snapshot of place, people, history, culture and concerns – a small window into the heart and mind of the collector.

Image: Rachel Coad, Janet Holmes à Court, 2015, oil and pencil on linen, 200 x 285 cm. Janet Holmes à Court Collection. Image copyright & courtesy the artist.


Objectillogica - a modern wunderkammer

21 May - 1 October 2017

Objectillogica - a modern wunderkammer echoes past cabinets of curiosities, exploring well-travelled themes of life, death and the discovery of the natural world. Yet it is a distinctively modern Australian cabinet of curiosities, far from the European roots of this tradition.
Featuring 99 works from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection including works by: Hans Arkeveld, Peter Ellis, Donald Friend, George Garawun, Andrew Hayim, Anne Hawkes, Emily Kngwarreye, Theo Koning, Victor Majzner, Clare McFarlane, Danie Mellor, Perdita Phillips, Louie Pwerle and many others.



25 September 2016 - 29 January 2017

In association with artCollectiveWA

This exhibition shows selected contemporary and historical works from the Collection that reflect the heat, the cool, and the activities of the Australian Summer.

Artists include : Rene Collot D'Herbois, Herbert William Gibbs, Jesse Hilder, Tony Jones, Sandra Leveson-Meares, Wally Mandaark, John Oldham, John Olsen, Lorna Prendiville, Lloyd Rees,
Keera Slavin, Archibald Bertram Webb, Duncan McGregor Whyte.

We have also invited four artCollectiveWA artists to participate - Penny Coss, Jo Darbyshire, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward and Joanna Lamb.


Rachel Coad – RETROspective: artist-in-residence exhibition

29 May – 18 September 2016

In association with Gallerysmith, North Melbourne.

The exhibition will include paintings and drawings from the artist’s earliest work to the very latest new work.
Rachel will be in residence on the studio floor in the gallery from 7 to 28 August, Tues – Sun.

Rachel Coad was raised in rural Western Australia. Her painting practice spans 15 years, she has exhibited in Perth, Melbourne and London and been short-listed for several awards.

Her painting, generally figurative work in oil on linen, has been described as technically and conceptually astute and is recognised for its distinct, emotive style.

Rachel Coad  George 2015, oil on linen, 185 x 154 cm.
Image courtesy and copyright the artist.


Custodians: recent acquisitions that reference the land

17 October 2015 – 22 May 2016

This exhibition will showcase a selection of works acquired by the Janet Holmes à Court Collection over the past 3-4 years. All reference the land in some way.

Artists include: Sujora Conrad, Jo Darvall, Galliano Fardin, Eva Fernandez, Rod Garlett, Sarrita King, Matthew McVeigh, Lesley Meaney, Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa, Brett Nannup, Monique Tippett and Walimpirringa Tjapaltjarri.

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