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    Margaret River


“Margaret River is the closest thing to paradise of any wine region I have visited in my extensive search for knowledge,” Jancis Robinson MW.

Margaret River is located in the south-west corner of Australia. The wines, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, have an international reputation for their quality and are regularly benchmarked against Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Three Perfect Natural Elements for Viticulture

The Margaret River Wine Region is positioned in the south-west corner of Australia. It stretches 100 kilometres from north to south and is positioned on a cape that is surrounded by ocean on three sides.

Margaret River is renowned for its isolation, ancient terrain and remarkable coastline. The Mediterranean climate, gravel loam soils and maritime influence, together, deliver ideal conditions for premium viticulture, particularly for Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. 

Margaret River wines are known for their consistency, elegance and pronounced varietal aroma and flavour. The region is responsible for 1.6% of Australia's total Chardonnay production and 3.1% of Australia's total Cabernet production (2012 vintage). Although the region contributes only 3% of Australia's wine grapes, Margaret River commands over 20% of it's premium wine market. (Source: The Margaret River Wine Industry Association)

Ancient Lands

The gravel loam soils of Margaret River are the oldest in the world. These dry, lean soils provide the ideal drainage for the optimum balance between vine growth and fruit yield of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Twin Oceans

Unique to the Margaret River region is a system of natural sea breezes and currents that it receives from the Indian and Southern Oceans. These help regulate the variance between seasonal temperatures, reducing extreme cold and heat within the vineyards.

The Leeuwin Current runs anti-clockwise down the Western Australia coast. It is the world’s longest continuous coastal current and flows warm and shallow from the north. Its warmth is regulated in Summer by strong south-westerly winds from the Southern and Indian oceans. These cooling breezes steady the ripening process for the development of elegant, physiologically balanced fruit.

Pristine Environment

The Margaret River Wine Region experiences a Mediterranean climate that delivers steady and defined seasons. These are characterised by generous Winter rainfall, moderate Spring temperatures and a long, dry growing season throughout Summer (growing season), to the end of harvest in Autumn.

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